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It’s been a year since we formed the club DRACS Club d’Esport Adaptat and we have gone ahead with our project which is none other than forming hockey players in electric wheelchair and playing the maximum of competitions, and we have achieved it:

We have competed in the Catalan League, in the Championship of Catalonia in Manresa, the Spanish Championship of clubs in Alcobendas, we have organized the 2nd International Open Tournament in Badalona, ​​we have participated in the 20th Memorial Bruno Frattini International Powerchair Hockey Tournament in Milan and we have grown in players, which has allowed us to create two teams, but as we like to say …

“We can not put limits, the more we dream, the farther we will get”.

All this work entails a lot of effort – we are already willing to do it – but it also entails a lot of expenses, so we look for friends of our project and that help us keep this competitive spirit alive.

We invite you to be part of this great family:

Become a Friend of DRACS, with a free economic contribution from € 10 per year.

If you help us, you will enter our database and receive timely information about the club, all our activities and our progressions.

Be encouraged to be part of a small Club, but at the same time very big!

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